EcoFlow River Mini Wireless Portable Power Station

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Take wall outlets anywhere.

Power the big stuff with the RIVER mini’s AC wall outlets. With a 300W output (600W surge), RIVER mini is ideal for 99% of your devices. Laptops, lights, TVs. It’s all good.

Charging is a chore, so we made it faster.

RIVER mini charges to 80% in 1 hour flat. That's way faster than your powerbank, all in a battery that has about 6 times the capacity. Not near a wall? Charge with solar or via your car for when you’re on-the-go.

All the ports.

RIVER mini has all the ports & outlets you’d ever need. 1 AC wall outlets, 1 DC car outlet, 3 USB-A ports and a USB-C fast-charge port. It even has a wireless charging pad up top. With all that, you can power up to 7 devices at once.
It fits in your hand too.

All that in a power station that fits in your hand. Grab RIVER mini, throw it in your backpack and you’re good to go.
Safety first.

Not only is the RIVER mini made to last with a tough, one-piece build. It supports an advanced BMS for voltage, current, and temperature protection too.
AC Charging

Charge from AC wall outlets in 1.5 hour.
Car Charging

Charge from your car outlet in 3.5 hours.
Solar Charging

Charge from 100W of solar panels in 3—6 hours.
RIVER mini Wireless Product Box

1. RIVER mini Wireless 2. AC Charging Cable 3. Car Charging Cable 4. Solar Charging Cable 5. Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card


Capacity : 210Wh (25.4V/8.3Ah)

Net Weight : Approximately 2.85kg

Dimensions : 9.8 X 5.5 X 5.2Inches

Certification : CE RCM KC WEEE EAC

AC Input : 220-240V~ 50Hz/60Hz, 2.8A Max

DC Input : 11-39V 100W, 8A Max

DC Output : 12.6V 10A

USB-C Output (Only for RIVER mini Wireless) : 100W, 5A Max

USB-A Output : 5V 2.4A

AC Output : Pure Sine Wave, 300W Total (Surge 600W), 230V~ 50Hz

Wireless Output (Only for RIVER mini Wireless) : 15W Max

Cell Chemistry : Ncm

Cycle Life : 80%+ Capacity After 500 Cycles

Shelf Life : 1 Year (After A Full Charge)

Discharge Temperature : 20°C To 45°C

Charge Temperature : 0°C To 45°C

Optimal Operating Temperature : 20°C To 30°C

Storage Temperature : -20°C To 45°C



Frequently Asked Questions


RIVER mini sports a 210Wh capacity. That’s roughly 58400mAh. In other words, it's much larger than a powerbank, and much more portable than most power stations. The goldilocks zone.

RIVER mini is (2.85kg), light enough to throw in your backpack and take anywhere.

RIVER mini has a 300W output (600W surge); that means it can power 99% of your devices such as phones, laptops, lights, and fans. However, you can check what wattage your device uses to confirm compatibility.

RIVER mini supports solar charging, ideal for camping and the outdoors. It supports up to 100W of solar input charging to full in 3–6 hours. Just make sure your solar panel hits these specs: 11–39V, 8A, up to 100W.