Leica Ultravid Black Leathered Compact Binoculars

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Compact binoculars with high-class optics

Thanks to their small size, the Ultravid compact binoculars fit into any jacket pocket and can accompany you wherever you go, whether to the opera or on holiday. The high-quality optics always ensure expressive pictures and the best contrasts, from edge to edge. The large focusing wheel offers excellent ease of use – it can be precisely adjusted to a wide range of observation situations. The extremely short focusing distance allows you to quickly find the optimum focus point.

Incomparably compact and lightweight, the Ultravid 8x20 allows you to see even finer details near at hand (1.8 m close range), while the large field of view at a distance provides an excellent overview. The 10x zoom of the Ultravid 10x25 delivers even more detailed observations and the best overview (field of view 90 m/1,000 m), so you won’t miss a thing.

The characteristic black leather trim gives them a classically elegant appearance.

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