Leica ER LRS 6.5-26x56

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Powerful, precise and reliable

High light transmission, high contrast and particularly low color fringing were the specifications for optics development. The result: ideal optical performance for maximum contrast, even at high magnifications over longest distances. The design is slim, classic and features a large mounting area; the mechanics have been tried and tested over many years. Maximum safety for every shot – in the field or in sport shooting competitions.

Designed specifically for long range shooting, the ER 6.5–26 x 56 LRS gives you exceptionally high levels of magnification, light transmission and contrast. In particular, minimal colour-fringing ensures that images seen through the scope are of the best optical quality, even at distance. Thanks to its finely tuned elevation tracking, users can achieve absolute precision when sighting in and setting the planned point of impact. What’s more, the ER 6.5–26 x 56 LRS has a large eye relief, making it safer for use with calibres required for longer-range shots.


Precise vision even in the close focusing range

Images with excellent colour fidelity and sharpness with maximum contrast; fast and precise adjustment thanks to their dual-focus system; precise adaptation to any viewing situation and maximum zoom flexibility: this is what sets the Leica APO-Televid spotting scopes apart. With their large front lens diameter, the APO-Televid 82 models offer detailed, high-contrast images even in unfavourable lighting conditions and when the light fades away, making them particularly suitable for digiscoping.


For superior colour fidelity and high image contrast

The APO-Televid range meets the highest standards of spotting scopes. Maximum contrast, high transmission and excellent colour fidelity come together in perfect harmony. In combination with the APO-chromatic lens system, the spotting scopes guarantee precise insight into your object of interest – with large magnifications – when the light fades away, in heat haze or in any other unfavourable viewing situations.


Front lens diameter: 56 mm
Magnification: 6.5x - 26x
Zoom:  4x
Field of view at max. magnification (m/100 m): 4 ft/1.45 m
Field of view at min. magnification (m/100 m): 18 ft/5.5 m
Eye relief: 3.9 in/100 mm
Exit pupil: 0.08 – 0.34 in / 2.15– 8.55 mm
Parallax: adjustable, 50 m to infinity
Diopter compensation: –4/+3 dpt
Coating: AquaDura® lens coating
Transmission: >90%
Central tube diameter: 30 mm
Impact point correction: 1 click = 0.5 cm /100 m, 120 x 70 cm
Length: 375mm
Weight: 610g
Waterproof: 3m