Gamegolf Live GPS Golf Shot Tracking System

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The world's first wearable, real-time automatic shot tracker for iphone and Android

Game golf

GAME GOLF LIVE lets you capture your stats in real-time, while you play, on your iOS or Android phone. Get seamless, real-time automatic game tracking through Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy all of the features of Game Golf on the course or, leave your phone at the clubhouse and sync immediately post-round.

Real Time Shot Tracking

You tag the club and hit the ball. All your performance data is instantaneously captured and visible on your phone. From tee to green, review every shot you hit on every hole.


Plot you way around the course and know the precise distance to any location you choose with our GPS-based hyper-accurate rangefinder.

Club Distances

Know how far you really hit every club in your bag; know your distance range to improve your accuracy and make smarter choices about club selection off the tee and on approach.

Strokes Gained + SMART Tips

Robust game metrics to pinpoint improvement opportunities in four key areas: Putting, Off the Tee, Approach, and Short Game. This is combined with our SMART Tips to help focus training and practice sessions.


Review your shot tendencies off the tee and on approach shots for every round you play whether it is in practice or competition.

Sort by distance, club, lie and round to monitor progress and trends over time.


Compete and compare your stats to friends, colleagues or event the PGA Tour Professionals.

Create your own or join an existing challenge to win prizes, bragging rights and other accolades.

 GAME GOLF LIVE is fully permitted under the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf for tournament play and establishing handicaps if used without connecting to the App. Simply record your round using the LIVE device and tags and review your stats post-round. Now, you can see how your game plays under pressure.

Our GPS-enabled rangefinder gives you pinpoint accuracy, so you get yardages off the tee, center, and front and back when approaching the green. As you play each hole, it knows where you are so you can check distances to hazards or landing areas.


How it works?

GAME GOLF LIVE uses an updated wearable GPS device that communicates with feather-light sensor tags attached to the top of the grip on each club and an integrated software platform which automatically captures performance data, in real-time. The data from every shot is instantly displayed on your iOS or Android phone in a dynamic and socially driven interface.

In the box:

GAME GOLF LIVE tracking device
18 NFC tags to attach to your clubs
USB Cable
Protective Pouch

Manual Tracking App


Game Tracking

GPS-Enabled Rangefinder

GAME GOLF Platform Access

Real Time On Course Feedback

Automatic NFC Shot Tracking

Approved Under the Rules of Golf

Automatic Shot Detection

Hands Free Device

Real-Time or Post Round Syncing & Editing